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Finca Don Rafa: Location

Finca Don Rafa is located in the municipality of Las Margaritas in the state of Chiapas.




It all starts in 2014, when I arrived in Mexico with very clear objectives:


Have fair practices with the producers as with the land, teach them good practices to produce specialty coffee.


Promote quality Mexican coffee, taking care of every detail of the production chain, from the selection of ripe cherries, cutting, drying, and packaging.

Provide quality equipment for planting and caring for coffee plants, as well as constant training for the planting and care of coffee plants to local communities in Chiapas. 

The coffee plantations within the Don Rafa farm have natural shade from banana and chalum (Inga Vera) trees.

The process begins by selecting the best cherries to protect the beans from their origin and they are immediately transferred to water tanks to begin the selection process, which consists of removing the cherries that float, the rest is taken to fermentation.

This  anaerobic process consists in which the coffee is placed in hermetically sealed Ecotact bags for 72 hours.


Once fermentation is complete, the coffee is dried in the sun on African beds, a process that allows complete oxygenation of the coffee, since it is suspended in the air. Taking care that the internal moisture of the grains is within the range of 10.0% to 12.0%. 

Once it is dry, it is ready to be hermetically stored in Ecotact bags and the protection is reinforced with food grade jute bags. 

In the warehouse, quality evaluations are carried out by the director, representative and winner of 2nd place in the 2019 Cup of Excellence.



Finca Don Rafa: Processes

Finca Don Rafa: Objectives

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